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Govern Data and Fuel Innovation with a Digital Chain of Custody

3 Ways ServiceSource Ensures Compliance

Presented by ServiceSource, Salesforce, and GRAX

With the data loss prevention market reaching $1.3 billion in 2020*, enterprises are voting with their wallets and demanding more bullet-proof ways to protect, manage and preserve sensitive data across their entire 3rd party app ecosystem.

Organizations such as Service Source are going one step further by implementing a Digital Chain of Custody to preserve, recover and act on all historical CRM data using GRAX.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  1. What a Digital Chain of Custody is and  why it’s important
  2. How ServiceSource is using it to drive compliance and growth
  3. How GRAX can help transform your  business

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Presenting our Speakers

Linda Bloszies

Sr. Director, Platform Engineering and Product Development


Shesh Kondi

Sr. Director, Platform Security & Compliance

Solution Engineering Lead


Doug Staubach

Chief Information Security Officer


Joe Gaska

Chief Executive Officer


Chris Shakarian

VP, Marketing



GRAX is the new way that businesses preserve, recover and act on their historical data. Replacing traditional point-in-time snapshots that miss 99% of all changes and store sensitive data in 3rd party clouds, GRAX captures an irrefutable, recoverable record of every single change that happens to data, storing it in the customer’s own environment and making it available for analytics alongside live data. This approach creates a modern, unified data fabric that helps companies understand and adapt to changes faster in their business.