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3 Reasons You Need to Take Back Ownership and Control of your SaaS Data

Who owns your data in your SaaS cloud applications? What about your data in 3rd party apps that plug into those apps?

The question of data ownership in cloud applications turns out to be a significant one, not just for compliance and security reasons, but for reasons directly tied to an organization’s ability to maximize the strategic value of its data for things like customer retention and revenue growth.

In this eBook, you will learn about:
  • A new definition of data ownership in a world of SaaS cloud applications
  • Three ways data ownership can be used to unlock business continuity and growth
  • Critical implications for compliance, security and business continuity
  • Real-world examples of organizations using data ownership for revenue growth
  • What you can do to get your organization on the right path

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GRAX is the new way that businesses preserve, recover and act on their historical data. Replacing traditional point-in-time snapshots that miss 99% of all changes and store sensitive data in 3rd party clouds, GRAX captures an irrefutable, recoverable record of every single change that happens to data, storing it in the customer’s own environment and making it available for analytics alongside live data. This approach creates a modern, unified data fabric that helps companies understand and adapt to changes faster in their business.